Home Visits

Home visits must be medically justified and are at the discretion of the doctor. Home visit requests should be made before 10:00.

Home visits are recommended only for patients who are terminally ill or truly housebound. This is typically the elderly, for whom travel to the premises would cause severe deterioration in their medical condition. A doctor can see up to four patients in surgery in the time it takes to conduct a single home visit, making it important that unnecessary visits are avoided. It is, in fact, in most patients’ best interests to come in to the surgery for appointments, as GP access to equipment and computer records allows for a more comprehensive examination.

If, however, you feel a home visit is required then please contact reception before 10:30. Visits are undertaken at the discretion of the doctors and are allocated between them. If you are unsure whether a visit request is appropriate for you please leave a message with the reception staff and a GP will contact you.